Dr Nick Walsh

I have a wealth of experience treating mental health problems relating to a chronic physical illness, for example depression in diabetes or anxiety in COPD.


Who I am

Dr Walsh looks at the whole person and is able to advise on a range of treatments, including medication, psychological therapy, physical health and lifestyle interventions, as well as practices such as yoga, meditation or mindfulness.  His approach is to work alongside his patients to help them identify their key difficulties and goals, and then develop a tailored and bespoke plan to help them recover and move forward in their lives.  

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Depression is not the same as being sad or upset, which happens to everyone from time to time.

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Anxiety is a very common mental health difficulty. Anxiety goes beyond ordinary worrying and can be very distressing and disabling.

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OCD is a kind of anxiety disorder. It can cause major difficulties in everyday life for people if they don’t get the right treatment.

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